The basic principle of Privacy in Design is that privacy safeguards should be integrated into the design of applications that manage personal data, rather than added on afterward. Privacy is becoming more important than ever as corporations and institutions collect, store, use, and share data in unprecedented volumes, for a variety of purposes. Most of this data is personal data – records of our interactions with retailers, venues, public institutions, websites, and social media.

To implement big data strategies while protecting privacy, KI Design works with clients to analyze and improve their privacy and security practices. We offer security assessments, compliance assessments, and risk assessments. We draw on our wide-ranging expertise to help develop privacy policies and governance. Our consultants are available on call to advise on privacy and security decision-making, and to provide corporate training on new technologies and legislative changes. We also offer a variety of leading-edge, privacy protective technologies for communications, auditing, anonymization, and more.

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